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Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Little bit of politics

Every organisation has to have committees and people in charge. Compliance and transparency are essential, especially in charities. Today, though, I'm finding it hard to reconcile the administrative unrest caused by political matters in certain quarters of the yoga profession with what I'm trying to teach.

I did my teaching diploma with the British Wheel of Yoga: 500 hours of study for what I still believe is the best qualification around. Yes, you can pop along to some places and do a couple of weekends, learn a few Sanskrit words and a clutch of basic postures, and then call yourself a yoga teacher - but why would you, when you can do it properly through the BWY? I'm still a member. I've been to many events and training sessions run by the Wheel and met some wonderful and inspiring people along the way.

It saddens me, therefore, that the organisation seems to be in such disarray. The election of managing officers is underway at the moment. Ballot papers were despatched, but then had to recalled because of a mistake. A few days ago, I receive a replacement election pack, but this, too, is likely to be deemed redundant, because of the resignation of various key players over matters that need not be explored here.

I am grateful there are people who are willing to put themselves forward for what is often the thankless task of committee work, and I hope that those in the BWY who are embroiled in disputes about the direction the organisation should be going find a way to resolve whatever lies behind this unrest to the satisfaction of everyone involved

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