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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Recharging my batteries

I love teaching, but it takes a lot of energy and for the last week I've felt as though I was running on empty. Time, then, for some restorative action.

With this in mind, I spent most of yesterday in my garden, potting and pottering, planting and moving, and generally tidying up - though not too tidy, because I want to encourage bugs and critters wherever I can. My little pond is teeming with life at the moment, and there are bees and other flying friends everywhere. I got very hot and grubby and had a splendid time.

Then I rolled out my mat and did an instinctive practice under the lilac tree, followed by a spot of meditation. I rounded things off  with a yoga nidra from the CD of my friend and fellow teacher Jeanette, from Phoenix Wellbeing: lovely stuff.

I also caught up on some yoga reading (still outside), including the summer issue of Spectrum, the members' journal from the British Wheel of Yoga. I particularly enjoyed the philosophy feature on 'Green Yoga' by Mandy Brinkley, in which she writes about the connection between yoga and living in an environmentally aware, responsible and sustainable way. She has introduced me to a quote from the Athavara Veda: 'Whatever I dig from the Earth, may it have quick growth again.' Most appropriate for my day.


  1. I used to do yoga on and off, and really enjoyed it. Lately, for various joint related reasons, I've been advised to try Pilates instead. So far I'm enjoying that too, although I kind of miss the philosophy of yoga and its more spiritual side. 'Yogalates' - does that really exist, or is it something they invented on Coronation Street? If it's a genuine thing, it might be the perfect blend for me!

    1. Pilates is fantastic for building core strength and therefore resolving/accommodating spinal issues. However, I'm intrigued that you've been told it is better for joints than yoga; and yes, you're right, about yoga being so much more than physical postures. 'Yogalates' is a thing, but IMHO it's neither t'other nor which. I'd steer clear.

    2. Julia, I have problems caused by joint hypermobility, although this wasn't picked up until quite recently. That's why the Pilates has been recommended rather than yoga, as I already (unconsciously) tend to overstretch. Otherwise, I would really prefer the yoga if I had the choice. Will give the Yogalates a miss then!

  2. Nice to be reminded of a way to recharge.