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Monday, 19 March 2018

Feeling funky!

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Well, what an extraordinary day Saturday turned out to be. I went across the county border into Leicestershire to work with two new-to-me teachers (see Friday's post) and it was physically and mentally challenging - in a good way.

The first session was Funky Yoga. Now, some of you know that I'm not usually a fan of attaching the word 'yoga' to another when it is purely for the sake of marketing, but that is definitely NOT what was happening here. Pascale Taylor delivered a fabulous morning of 'proper' yoga, but with the twist of funky background music to help us lose our inhibitions and do what felt good. As someone who is grounded in a hatha practice that involves holding formal postures, this was really liberating. Nor was it an easy option; she made us work for our lunch!

The afternoon was also a revelation. Inner Dance, led by Kerry Calle, was a completely new concept to me. I was expecting a sound-based relaxation; what I got was certainly sound based, but I'm not sure it was relaxing. The pre-workshop info said:

[Inner Dance] is a meditation to music developed or discovered by Pi Villares in the Phillipines. It uses music to affect brain waves to take participants first into deep relaxation and then into a state similar to lucid dreaming. During a typical session people may twitch or jerk, move as part of the dreaming, experience emotional release, or stay deeply relaxed for the whole session. Its been likened to the visions that come from using Ayehuasca . . . Music will play and you should close your eyes and keep them closed to the end of the session. Then just do what feels right. The music will change, I will come and work within your energy field and may lay hands on your body.'

To be honest, I was rather disconcerted by some of the sounds that she played to us (there was some deep, noisy breathing, for instance) and when we came round, as it were, I wasn't sure how I felt. (I was also cold, but that was probably down to lack of blankets rather than anything mystical.) By the time I'd driven home, I felt a peculiar mix of tired yet alert. I really can't explain it. However, I slept well on Saturday night and woke full of energy on Sunday - and having reached a decision about something that had been bothering me. Hmm. 

I offer thanks to both these wonderful teachers for opening me up to new ways to practise. I would love to work with them both again.


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