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Sunday, 11 February 2018

Survival of the fittest?

Well, I survived. I spent all day teaching yoga to Year 12 students at a local senior school as part of a PD Day (which I think stood for Personal Development). Despite my apprehension, it went well. Nobody walked out (although one student decided she'd rather watch: fair enough) and three out of the five supervising staff members joined in, which was pleasing.

Lessons I learnt from the experience included:
  • Have a plan in mind, but be prepared to change it, depending on the group
  • Despite being so young, teenagers aren't necessarily flexible or strong, so be kind
  • Check you have taken the price tag off your new t-shirt before you begin
  • Drink lots of water and suck throat lozenges 
  • Anyone who chooses to teach full time in a senior school deserves a medal
Initial feedback suggests that I delivered what was wanted. At any rate, my invitation to go back in a few weeks' time to do more sessions with a different year group hasn't been withdrawn.


  1. Sort of gives a person a different perspective on teachers, doesn't it? They gotta be a brave lot these days to add to everything else. Hopefully next time will be a little easier now that you have seen what works and what won't. You learned that twice!

    1. It's been a good few days for improving my self-awareness. Thanks for commenting on both my blogs: much appreciated. x

  2. Popped over from your other blog Julia...laughed at label on new T shirt! I left the belt to my rather old but favoured Quba coat, at my daughter's the other week. I asked if she had seen it and she replied, "is it the one with the tag on it still?" The coat is 5 years old, what can I say?

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who does these daft things, Deborah. Thanks for commenting on both my blogs: much appreciated.