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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

What do you think?

I've been thinking about thinking, and what I think is that I've been thinking too much recently. Notwithstanding all that yoga training and practice, I'm finding it hard to switch off my thinking circuits (and yes, I'm aware of the irony, given the title of this blog). Even when I have time to sit, I'm reaching for a book to read or a notepad on which to jot something down. I don't seem to be able to keep my mind still.

That is why in all my lessons this week I shall be encouraging my students to come out of their heads and into their hearts, to stop thinking and start feeling. It doesn't matter to me what they look like in their postures (as long as they're safe, of course); what is important is how they feel.

A yoga class near me is holding a fundraiser in aid of Guide Dogs for the Blind at which 'blindfolds will be provided'! Can you imagine practising yoga without your sight? Is it true that if you lose one sense the others compensate? I'm not sure if it's true for the physical body, but it's an exciting prospect in a yoga context for those brave enough to try working in the dark.

In the meantime, I'm going to dial up the meditation and see what happens to my thought processes. If you have any tips for achieving mental stillness, please share them.

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