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Thursday, 25 January 2018

Taking the register

January does strange things to class attendance. On the one hand, it's a New Year and the urge to take up exercise can be overwhelming. Some of my sessions over the last couple of weeks have been packed to the rafters. This morning, for instance, I had 18 in a session that normally attracts about a dozen. My evening session has been fully booked and with a waiting list. I'm pleased, of course, but I know that this will pass, once resolutions start to falter.

Conversely, other class numbers are down, due to coughs and colds, bad weather, and good stuff on the telly that is a much more attractive option than braving the elements. This too shall pass.

That's the joy of teaching. You never know who's going to turn up - and that also brings challenges at this time of year, when absolute beginners jostle for position with old hands. What can I teach that will not only please someone who can't reach their toes, but also satisfy a yogi who is comfortable in a headstand? I don't want to frighten anyone away, but nor do I want anyone to be bored.

Oh, I love a challenge.

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