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Monday, 8 June 2015

What's new, pussycat?

Source: Monosodium/Morguefile
I'm not a great fan of paraphernalia in a yoga class. I'm happy to use a block and a strap when necessary, and a blanket occasionally, but I'm not one of those teachers who turns up loaded down with bags and bags of accessories. Apart from anything else, I firmly believe that all students should bring their own 'stuff', not only for hygiene reasons, but also because if you're not committed enough to buy a yoga mat, maybe you're not ready for a class. Can you imagine turning up for football practice without the right kit?

I'm also a bit suspicious of  'special' yoga. I'm not talking about the different types such as hatha, kundalini, ashtanga etc, each of which has its own valuable path; no, I mean things like 'cat  yoga' as featured in the Sun recently. According to the article by Jenny Francis, Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium in East London hosts cat yoga classes twice a week. That's not yoga for cats, it's yoga with cats, wandering around purring and wotnot. Sounds awful to me, but I've not tried it, so I shouldn't judge. Certainly Jenny liked it.

Instructor Bess Shipside is quoted: 'Lots of yoga names and words are taken from the animal  kingdom.' Indeed they are. What's next? Meditation in the reptile house? Postures in the milking parlour?


  1. I agree! Don't like the sound of those extra things at all...
    I do need a new mat though...mine is a little thin and aged now. Can you recommend?

    1. You need to make sure your mat is 'sticky', ie, a non-slip one. A general fitness mat might not be. There's no need to spend more than £10, but the more you pay, the longer the mat will last. Before you throw your old mat away, you could cut into yoga straps, or turn it into a kneeler for the garden.

  2. Thanks Julia,
    I'll have a good luck around in the Sports shops in town next week. My hubby has bagged the mat already for lying on when he is working on his motorbike.

    He has a really good yoga mat himself as he regularly (twice a week) does Body Balance classes.

    1. If he likes Body Balance, you should take him to a dedicated yoga class, too.